|SeNsUi|  Job: Co Founder, Leader, Editor, Encoder, QC, Ultimate Seeder, Web Admin
Title:  Angry Old Man
Status:  Active
KanekiKenNot  Job: Timer, K-FX, Typesetter, Project Leader
 Title:  Has the World’s Best ISP! 
 Status:  Active
Mommoko  Job: Translator, Translation Checker, Timer, Project Leader, Web Admin
 Title:  Mommoko is My Name, Translation is My Game! 
 Status:  Active
Yaorozu  Job: Provider, Encoder
 Title:  The Reliable One
 Status:  Active
Hiken  Job: Timer & Helper
 Title:  I Only Follow Senpai!
 Status:  Not Active
AmjadSONY  Job: Encoder
 Title:  Experienced Mesopotamian
 Status:  Active
BF3000 Job: Encoder
Title: King Encoder
Status:  Active
Ayaluv Job: Translator, Translation Checker
Title: OVA Specialist!
Status: Not Active
Jelly  Job: Translator, Translation Checker
 Title: Jelly On The Plate
 Status:  Not Active
xbbdc  Job: Editor
 Title: Who Edited My DBS!
 Status:  Active
wellivea1 Job: Editor, QC
Title: Manko-magnet
Status: Active
ANIKIN Job: K-FX, Timer, Typesetter
Title: I hate timing!
Status: Not Active
Alkoon Job: K-FX
Title: Lua Master Blaster
Status: Active
Snyte Job: Typesetter
Title: God Of Typesetting
Status: Active
Title: Logo Master
Status: Not Active
Eternal_Blizzard Job: Editor, QC
Title: Experienced Fansubber
Status: Active
|Ch!D0R1| Job: Editor
Title: Uncle SeNsUi will have ya!
Status: Not Active
IceBear  Job: Distro, BOT Provider
 Title:  Bot Master – Satou-San
 Status:  Active
RepoBike  Job: Seeder, Distro and Bot Provider
 Title:  Ping My Mobile
 Status:  Active
Ryuunosuke  Job: Capper
 Title:  I Miss iORcHiD – Maid Addict
 Status:  Active
KingBlack Job: Web Designer, Web Admin
Title: Professional Web Designer
Status: Active
iORcHiD  Job: Co Founder, Leader, Timer, Typesetter, Trainer
 Title:  The Fag, Gang Lord
 Status:  Not Active
Cirno9Baka  Job: Translator, Translation Checker, Editor
 Title:  Mr N2 
 Status:  Not Active
CarVac  Job: Translator, Translation Checker, Timer
 Title:  The Relic
 Status:  Not Active
Rokugachan Job: Provider
Title: Loves A Good Server
Status: Not Active
Bluejdesu  Job: Translator, Translation Checker
 Title:  Cuteee Pie!
 Status:  Not Active

EX Staff & Helpers

Ken Xyro This man needs no introduction. A big thanks for being part of Kami and help laying the  foundations of this subbing group.
Platanito Special thanks for all the quality work and effort put into building Kami.
LPaysan Thanks for all the Karaokes you made.
OrGoN3 Thanks for working on DBS and Ajin on the early stages. A real quality Editor.
Hibiscus Thanks for all the TLC.
SwitchLoop Thanks for all the TLC.
Yuuki-Chan Additional Cap Provider

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