Dragon Ball Super Dub 22 Released

We urgently require additional staff to continue to release anime. We’re all but dead at present. Help us!!! We Need You!!

Vacant Positions:
Translators and Translation Checkers
Typesetters and Stylers
Karaoke AF-X
Editors (Proof Readers)
Experienced Encoders
Ability to Lead Projects

Join now message |SeNsUi| on either irc or discord.

Reikenzan Dropped

Yup as the above. Reikenzan is officially dropped due to the translator and translation checker quitting. Guess IRL got the better of him. Farewell Jelly it was fun whilst it lasted.

Project Update

A quick announcement:

Dropped Projects:
1. Kuromukuro

Forever stalled almost dropped:
1. Reikenzen

Current Stalled: (Staff Busy etc)
1. Dragon Ball Super Subbed
2. Shingeki no Kyojin
3. Boruto

Don’t wanna see us delay stuff? Join us as we need Timers, Typesetters and Editors.